Tannowa Tokimeki Beach   本文へジャンプ
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The business of "sea bathing" and the "clamming", "fishing with a seine" of 2018 was finished.
We had much arrival in this year, and thank you very much. Next year thanking you in advance. Please see our homepage of 2018 for reference of the next year 2019.

Open 〜 Close  A.M.8:00 〜 P.M.5:00 (Swimming is from 9:00)
The entrance fee  Free (The parking fee is nesessary in case of arrival by car.)
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Empty-handed, you can come and enjoy yourself With Events With Privileges
With dinning room stands and rental items With Parking Lots
With free undressing places,free footbath places With barbecue sections
・A Fly Board / A Water Baloon can be experienced.
・Doctor fish footbath, Cheer leader Show, Grab of Octpus,etc

関空連絡橋とビーチバレー Beach Volleyball
at Tannowa Tokimeki Beach

Kansai International
Airport Bridge
明石海峡大橋 We can see
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
on a clear day
府立海洋センターの練習船(カッター) Training ship of the Osaka Prefectual Marine Center on Tannowa Tokimeki Beach offing sea surface
淡輪ヨットハーバー Yachts from Tannowa Yacht harborr on Tannowa Tokimeki Beach offing sea surface
Beach Volleyball of the attraction at
Tannowa Tokimeki Beach
Tannowa Tokimeki Beach is 淡輪ときめきビーチ  in Japanese
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